Child Check-In

LPKids makes the check-in process easy and safe.  You can check-in all children in a family (Birth – Grade 5) at any of our convenient kiosks. Our secure chek-out procedure ensures only parents and authorized adults can pick up the child. Text messages by phone or LPKids pagers make communication with parents quick and easy. 

On your first visit to Lake Pointe, bring your child to the LPKids check-in area and our trained volunteers will guide you through the check-in process. 


Self Check-Out

Many 4th and 5th graders are ready for the responsibility that comes with checking themselves out at the end of class. If you choose, your student has the option to check-out without a parent or guardian from Warehouse 45. Register below for self check-out. If you do not register, a parent or guardian will need to print a check-out slip and bring it to Warehouse 45.

Check-in procedures are the same for 4th and 5th graders.


Can I check all children in at one time?

Yes! Any kiosk can print the required check-in documents for your birth- grade 5 children.

Why will you take my child's picture?

The picture on your child’s name tag helps our volunteers to make sure that each child has the correct name tag on at all times.

What if I lose my child's "Out Slip"?

Request a slip re-print by visiting the LPKids Guest Check-In booths. Only a parent or guardian may request the reprint of a slip unless permission has been given for another individual to request a re-print. You may add anyone to this list 6th grade and above.

How does my preteen self-release?

Your child will check in with an “in-slip” and name tag like all other children. Self-release will be indicated on the name tag if you have previously provided authorization. Your child will be released at the end of class and we will keep your child’s name tag so that we know your child has been released.


We consider your child to be the most important part of our ministry and we take their safety very seriously. All of our Children’s Ministry volunteers have completed a criminal background check along with extensive training. Our LPKids check-in system ensures your child is checked into the right room and that we have the ability to communicate with you should we need to for any reason. Also, security cameras are installed in all Preschool and special needs classrooms. Our staff and volunteer team are here to make sure your child has a safe and fun experience at LPKids.