The Best News Ever

If your child has expressed an interest in becoming a Christian or taking a next step of faith by being baptized, it is an exciting time! Please follow the below steps to help your child walk and think through this important decision. If at any time we can help you, please contact us for an appointment at 469.698.2300 or You may also stop by the connection center on any weekend.

Step 1: Determine Readiness

Watch this video teaching by Senior Pastor Steve Stroope, to learn more about how to share Christ with your child and how to know when he or she is ready to make this decision.

For more in-depth training, download the “Preparing to lead your child to Christ” kit.

Step 2: Discuss the Decision With Your Child

Watch this video with your child and then use the  “God Wants You in His Family Booklet” to talk about what Jesus did for us on the cross and why we need a savior.

Remember to ask open ended questions like:

  • What is sin?
  • Have you ever sinned?
  • What happens to our relationship with God when we disobey him?
  • How can we be forgiven for our sins?
  • Why did Jesus die on the cross?

Download the “God Wants you in His Family Booklet”.

Step 3: Praying to Become a Follower of Christ

If you determine your child understands what it means to ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior of his or her life, you may use the “God Wants You in His Family Booklet”, to walk your child through the 3 steps of becoming a Christian. A sample prayer has been provided in your book if you would like to show your child what kinds of things we say when we pray to become a Christian. Ask your child to pray out loud with you when ready.

Step 4: Take the Next Step

Once your child has prayed to make Jesus Lord and Savior, consider taking these steps:

  • Fill out the bookmark as a reminder of this decision. DOWNLOAD
  • Find more tips on celebrating your child’s decision by downloading the “Salvation and Baptism Kit”. DOWNLOAD
  • Register for the Young Christians’ Class. LEARN MORE
  • Schedule your child’s baptism. Baptism is an important step in a child’s faith. Please watch this video with your child and talk with them about the meaning of baptism.

In order to schedule baptism, please stop by the Connection Center any weekend, or by contacting: